Ice bath tubs for CrossFit event in Scotland?
The benefits of Ice bath recovery therapy sessions.

Our Story, Our Promise

It's time you pushed the restart button, and we are here to show you how. iCedTub will reconnect, recharge and ground you. Let's unlock your inner power and eliminate depression, tiredness and anxiety. It all starts here, so jump in and BREATHE!

All Wood Hand-Made Ice Bath

Made entirely of premium French Oak & Acacia wood, rot resistant, sanitized, and no plastics!

Teperature Control Systems

New and improved system self cleaning and self filtering with Ozone. From 1 to 40 degrees.

Indoor and Outdoor Use

Wood coated with four layers of organic epoxy, protecting from bacteria, UV sun rays and outdoor elements. Capable of handling both individual and commercial use.

Ice bath tub recovery - tan line
ice bath tub benefits in an indoor office
The benefits of Ice bath recovery therapy sessions.
ice bath tub indoor set up with a chiller
hand made wooden ice bath tub outdoor garden set up

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